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These digital vector maps in Adobe Illustrator, PDF, CorelDraw and other formats are latest, exact and detailed editable city maps. Perfect for publishing, design works, large format printing, presentations, architectural and urban projects, business and logistics. You can edit and publish these maps without limitations, it is Royalty Free. We design maps since the 17th century.

Different viewable options: City Plan, G-View, Atlas

City Plan vector map consists of 1-4 files and usually includes the specific city and suburbs. Most City Plan vector maps are provided in full version - containing all buildings, streets, city parks, rivers, lakes, and other important objects. All types of objects have unique universal parameters - large streets are displayed with one type of lines, small streets - with other type, highways - the third type, etc., that makes possible mass editing of all objects of the same type. All vector map names use textual format, and are fully editable.
G-View vectorial map uses the GoogleMaps display style, and only contains: streets, rivers and main objects - less details than the City Plan. Scales of G-View: Level 13 - 2,000 meters, level 14 - 1,000 meters, level 15 - 500 meters, level 16 - 250 meters, level 17 - 100 meters. In practice - level 13 means that the city map will fit in the print size up to 10 inches, without any loss of quality. Accordingly, G-View at the levels display names: Level 13 - Interstate, urban highways, level 14 - Interstate, urban highways, major streets, level 15 - Interstate, urban highways, major streets, the average streets, level 15 - Interstate, urban highways, major streets, average streets, small streets partially, levels 16-17 - displays all except buildings + arrows of the street directions.
Atlas vector maps normally include the nearest cities and provinces, consisting of several (25-100) map files, also containing a lot of additional cartographic information, and are mainly for technicians and map geeks.

All maps are provided in the Standard Mercator projection. If you need something special or just can`t find a map, please let us know [contact us]




If you don't find the vector map of country or city you are looking for, or need some objects to be added, please feel free to contact our friendly team. We draw it in less than 24 hours. All formats: .PDF; .AI; .DWG; .EPS; .CDR; .DXF; .DWG; .PPT; .MP; .MIF; ARC GIS SHAPES and others. [contact us]

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