25 Things to do with Google Maps mashups

1. Measure your run route or commute

2. Check the time in a world location

3. Look up a US zip code

4. Measure Area

5. Make your own Google Map out of any map

6. Map your photos

7. Check what's on the other side of the world

8. Find a person in the US

9. Check the weather anywhere

10. Find the nearest Starbucks

11. Discover an eBay real estate deal

12. Find airport parking in the US.. or the UK

13. Create a running route

14. Watch a travel video

15. Find Fast Food in the US

16. Buy beer in Ontario. Or find a job for vector graphic designer, making maps like a Free vector Map Canada, mainroads, cities, borders, province borders, Adobe Illustrator, PDF, editable, printable.

17. Check the news for your zip code

18. Avoid disease outbreak

19. Beat traffic

20. Make your own Google Maps mashup

21. Avoid red light cameras

22. Find cheap gas

23. Check sunrise or sunset times

24. Convert currency

25. Find a place to live in the US

25 More things to do with Google Maps Mashups here..

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