Yellow Maps New Zealand

Yellow Pages in New Zealand has released a great new Google Maps mashup. Looking for a vector to image solution like Free Printable Map Wellington, New Zealand, exact vector street map, fully editable Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PDF, SVG, G-View Level 12 (5000 meters scale)? As well as providing the expected business search the map also highlights NZ tourist spots, the best NZ drives, weekend getaways, the best camp-sites and NZ's Forest Parks.

Each point of interest on the map comes with an accompanying article and the option to view the street view of the location. If you zoom in on the map there is also the option to view a number of other layers, that include cash dispensers, medical centres and toilets. The map even has a great 'popular searches' option that provides quick links to the most popular searches on the map.

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Last Modified: February 13, 2017 @ 11:55 am