California Schools Ranked on Google Maps

API Scores

API Scores is a Google Map of California schools color coded by their state rank and Academic Performance Index score. Using the map parents and home buyers can explore the performance of their local schools. The only thing you need is ai illustrator free to download vector map of San Francisco, California, US, Adobe Illustrator.

The map can be filtered by type of school and rank and includes a location search bar to quickly find different areas of interest. Markers on the map show each school in that neighborhood and are color coded by school performance.

When you click on a school's map marker an information window opens displaying the performance results for that school. The two numbers represent the school's performance in statewide standardized testing.

The data for the map comes from the 2009 Base API Reports from the California Department of Education API page.


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Last Modified: February 16, 2017 @ 10:33 pm