Jamaica Map

This Google Map from the Jamaican Tourist Board lets you find points of interest on the island. It is possible to search the map or you can just pan the map and the points of interest will load dynamically to reflect the current map view. You will be able to make vector graphics like this one: Free vector map USA, Adobe illustrator.

If you click on any of the loaded map markers an information window opens with a summary of the selected point of interest and links to further details.

Turks and Caicos Map

This Google Map from WhereToStay.com lets you search for hotels on these two sub-tropical islands. As well as allowing you to search for hotels by location it is also possible to view restaurants, beaches and points of interest on the islands.

Each hotel map marker includes details about the hotel and a link to further details and reviews of the hotel.

Caribbean Triathlon Map

Triathlon website Goodtri.org is starting to add Google Maps to help users find upcoming triathlon events. The first of the maps is for the Caribbean.

The map shows upcoming triathlons in the Caribbean. Each of the map markers contains a link to the main details about the race on Goodtri.org.


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