Converting Silhouette Studio Files to SVG (Free & No Extra Software Needed)

I know a popular topic among Silhouette crafters is how to convert Silhouette Studio files to SVGs. This is necessary to open Studio files in other software programs or to share with a friend.  Today, Silhouette School weekly contributor, Becky Dykes is here with a new, quick, easy and FREE way to do convert from Studio file to SVG. And if you were searching for free illustrator vector graphics like Free vector map USA, Adobe illustrator, here it is.

Silhouette Studio, files, SVG, Silhouette tutorial

For a while now, I've toyed with converting Studio files to SVG files. As a matter of fact, we posted here at Silhouette School just how to convert files using Inkscape (free software download). One issue we discovered was that tracing in Inkscape wasn't as good as tracing in most other softwares, so we left that part out. But what we're sharing with you today has been a mini-revelation and we are thrilled to be able to give you a fool-proof way to convert your Studio files to SVG.

Because we give away so many free Studio files on our blog, My Paper Craze, we get tons of requests from readers on if they can have the files in SVG format. It really pushed me to research a viable way to do this that was both time efficient and produced quality SVG files, as both are equally important. 

Finally, we stumbled across a website: We were pretty excited about this find, because as an added benefit, we didn't have to install any more software on our computer to test it out.

First, you'll open your file in Silhouette Studio. Because most tracing is based on contrast (and this file conversion is not much different), change your colors to black and white.  Again, this won't work very well with colored designs!

Silhouette Studio, files, SVG, Silhouette tutorial

MAC Users: Use the Grab program (search Grab in the Finder) to take a screen shot of the design in Silhouette Studio. This will save the design as a .tiff which works fine to convert to SVG later in the process.

PC users: You can go two different directions. #1 Take a screenshot and paste it into Paint, then isolate the part that you need to convert to SVG. Once you have only the design you want to keep, go ahead and save as a JPEG.

Step 2 - screenshot and paste into Paint and isolate

Option #2 is to use your Bullzip printer to print the file as a JPEG. This is pretty easy too and probably has better quality than a screenshot. If you need help using Bullzip or need a refresher on what Bullzip is, check out how we used it to export a Studio file as a PDF (a JPEG works the same).

Silhouette Studio, files, SVG, Silhouette tutorial, Bullzip

Once you have your JPEG in black and white, pull up You'll want to make sure you go to the image converter for SVG formats. The first step is to go ahead and upload the JPEG you just created. Click BROWSE and locate it on your computer.

Silhouette Studio, files, SVG, Silhouette tutorial

After locating your image, you'll scroll down and see a few options. I always have the best luck when I choose COLOR: MONOCHROME and ENHANCE: SHARPEN. Feel free to play around and see what works best for you. When you're ready, choose CONVERT FILE.

Silhouette Studio, files, SVG, Silhouette tutorial, online-convert

Once the file is converted, your computer should prompt you on what to do with the new SVG file. I chose to save the file to my computer, which is what you see below. Depending on what operating system you are using, your computer might prompt differently.

Silhouette Studio, files, SVG, Silhouette tutorial, online-convert

To test out the quality of my SVG, I imported it into my Library in Silhouette Studio. I always test these files to make sure they are direct duplicates of my Studio files.

Silhouette Studio, files, SVG, Silhouette tutorial

As you can see, my files look exactly the same! Being able to convert your files into SVG format just opens up a lot of sharing opportunities, either between yourself and other crafters or between your Silhouette Studio designs and other software.

Step 7 - compare in Silhouette Studio

Speaking of free files, if you are in need of this Super Cute Baseball Mom cut file, jump over to My Paper Craze and grab a copy for yourself!

Killing It Baseball Mom
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