This week I was very impressed by the Portsmouth History Picture Map. It is a great example of how even individual, personal projects can use the Google Maps API to create impressive, original maps.

The Portsmouth History Picture Map includes an historical map overlay of the city from 1896, as well as historical photographs of the city. I particularly like the custom map markers, combining circular
historical photos with an accompanying text label.

The map itself
contains information about important historical locations in the city
and some of the city's historically important citizens. It is also
possible to view on the map over 200 vintage photographs that help to
illustrate the history of Portsmouth.

Another impressively designed map is this Ayrton Senna Memory map. Formula 1 racing driver Ayrton Senna
died nineteen years ago in an accident while leading the 1994 San
Marino Grand Prix. The McClaren Formula 1 team has released a Google Map
so that racing fans around the world can share their memories and post
tributes to Senna.

Fans can post Senna pictures, YouTube links or their own written
memories and thoughts about the legendary driver. McClaren has also
added their own tributes and photos to the map (zoom in on the UK to
view these). 
I like the toned down look of this map, which helps to highlight the green markers posted by fans to the map.

Archilovers have also gone for a similar toned down design, created using the Styled Maps feature in the Google Maps API.

is a social network for architects, designers and lovers of
architecture. Users of the network can post projects, exchange opinions
and interests, and get to know designers and architects around the

The Archilovers Google Map presents a mapped interface to featured
architectural projects around the world. Users can select the featured
project on the map and click-through to visit the dedicated page about
the project. The map includes a Street View layer so, where available,
it is also possible to view the projects with Google's interactive
panoramic images.


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