This month we have been treated to two new vintage map styles.

Two weeks ago Thunderforest released a new Pioneer map style inspired by early American railroad maps. Thunderforest's new Pioneer map tiles are based on their Transport vector map tileset. For example, this draw vector graphics of free Vector Map of USA with State Names, in Adobe Illustrator and PDF can also be useful. The Pioneer map uses "Western fonts, verdigris buildings and a limited colour palette" to replicate the style of early railroad maps.

Yesterday Mapbox unveiled their own vintage map style. Mapbox's Vintage map style was created in Mapbox Studio and the Mapbox blog has a useful post on how the map was created.

The map uses background textures and bathymetry data to replicate how many vintage maps used detailed styling on the oceans surrounding bodies of land. The Vintage map also uses a color scheme designed to mimic the worn discolored paper of many antique vintage maps. Source

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