Barcelona Vector map (Spain) with street names, Atlas 25 parts, printable and full editable version in Adobe Illustrator format

Map street Barcelona, Spain printable vector, full editable, Adobe Illustrator

$ 49.00

Atlas 25 parts, vector map of Barcelona (Spain) is a full editable and ready for print map, which can be suitable to any size you need (walls, billboards, all type of commercials). Licence: Royaltee Free. Archive size: 31 Mb. Also can be purchased in other vector formats: DWG, DXF AutoCAD, Corel Draw, EPS, PDF.
We can add any data you need, with NO extra cost, just write us.

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Product Description

About Barcelona (Spain, Europe) vector map in Adobe Illustrator (*.AI) Atlas 25 parts, and other formats

Looking for high quality vector maps of Barcelona, Spain? The lowest cost of the market, only in
Archive format: .AI (Adobe Illustrator), also can be purchased in other formats for the same price: DWG, DXF AutoCAD, Corel Draw, EPS, PDF.

Barcelona vectorial map archive size: 31 Mb
License: Royalty Free, You do not need to pay for each use or per volume sold.
Barcelona vector map data: 2015
DPI: 300

Best for art projects, presentations or posters.
This Barcelona vector map is a poster-sized layered map, which can be edited in just all vector programs and adjusted to any size with no quality loss.

Please, contact us if you want some special objects to be added on this Barcelona vector maps. No extra cost, of course.

Our Barcelona AI map features:
Highways with names,
Major streets with names,
Major Roads,
National Park Borders,
Railway lines with stops,
Latitude and Longitude data,
Minor Roads,
Private Roads,
Big and small Rivers, small streams also,
Lake, ponds and other water bodies,
Landmark fill,
Recreation zones,
County Borders with fill,
Sidewalk/Walkway/Pedestrian roads,
Power Lines,

Cities and counties near Barcelona city vectorial map, Spain

Our AI vector map of Barcelona includes maps of the nearest areas (see the preview):

Sant Adria de Besos, Badalona, El Masnou, Mollet del Valles, Vilassar de Mar, Mataro, Rubi, Cerdanyola, Martorell, Valldoreix, Molins de Rei, Cornella de Llobregat, Vallirana, Terrassa, Sant Andreu, Sarria Sant Gervasi, Sant Marti, Sants Montjuic, Horta Guinardo, Sant Genis Dels Agudells, El Carmel, El Guinardo, Gracia, Camp Nou, Esplugues de Llobregat, L`Hospitalet de Llobregat, Sants.

Purchasing and downloading of Adobe Illustrator Barcelona vectorial map

We accept PayPal and Credit Card payment.

VectorMap. Providing high quality vector maps at the lowest price of the market. Enjoy!

Small guide: How to work with the vector map?

You can: Mass select objects by type and color - for example, the objects type "building" (they are usually dark gray) - and remove them from the map, if you do not need them in your print or design project. You can also easily change the thickness of lines (streets), just bulk selection the road by the line color.
The streets are separated by type, for example, type "residential road" are usually white with a gray stroke. Highway usually orange with a brown or dark gray stroke.
All objects are divided by types: different types of roads and streets, polygons of buildings, landfills, urban areas, parks and more other.
It is easy to change the font of inscriptions, all or each individually. Also, just can be make and any other manipulation of objects on the vector map in Adobe illustrator format.
Important: All the proportions on the map are true, that is, the relative sizes of the objects are true, because Map is based on an accurate GPS projection, and It transated into the (usual for all) the Mercator projection.
You can easily change the color, stroke and fill of any object on the map, zoom without loss of quality Image Verification.

Select object

select object on vector map

Bulk selection the same objects on the vector map

bulk selection the same objects on the vector map

See the bulk selected objects on the vector map

see the bulk selected objects on the vector map

Bulk delete buildungs from the vector map

Bulk delete buildungs from the vector map

Select residencial road (small street) on the vector map

Select residencial road (small street) on the vector map

Bulk selection the same lines (streets, roads) on the full map

Bulk selection the same lines on the full map

Create fat lines of the streets on the vector maps (bulk action) 1

Create fat lines of the streeta on the vector maps (bulk action) 2

Create fat lines of the streets on the vector maps (bulk action) 2

Create fat lines of the streeta on the vector maps (bulk action) 2

Create fat lines of the streets on the vector maps (bulk action) 3

Create fat lines of the streeta on the vector maps (bulk action) 3

You can easily change the color, stroke and fill of any object on the map, zoom without loss of quality Image Verification. 

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Tips & Vector map News

GIS 4035 - Remote Sensing and Photo Interpretation Student Spotlight

GIS4035/L Remote Sensing and Photo Interpretation, Instructor, Mr. Brian Fulfrost
Module 10 - Supervised Classification

Lab Description: For this laboratory exercise students used data that covers the County of Gray’s Harbor, located in Washington State. Assuming that the area is to be used as a camp for military exercises, students learned how to perform a supervised classification by collecting sets of pixels to define spectral signatures. Students also evaluated the accuracy of those signatures, and used them to classify the entire image.

Student Spotlight Award

The BLOG postings for Module 10 on supervised classification were
overall very good! The Goal(s) for this BLOG post were:

  • Create spectral signatures and AOI features
  • Produce classified images from satellite data
  • Recognize and eliminate spectral confusion between spectral signatures

Although many students maps and results demonstrated
their growing expertise in automated digital image processing, we found
Alicia Lindbom's BLOG post, whose BLOG posts have been consistently very
good throughout the semester, demonstrated a high level of
understanding of the process and techniques if supervised image

Alicia Lindbom



Congratulations to Alicia Lindbom for being selected as this week's student spotlight!  Alicia is a returning adult learner currently completing the GIS
Online Graduate Certificate program. She has been an environmental
educator and program coordinator for the past 7 years, as well as a
scientific illustrator on a recent Mesa College laboratory manual.
Upon completion of the certificate, Alicia hopes that the new GIS skills
paired with her outreach experience will move her into a higher level
science education/research paired with field work.  Welcome back to the spotlight Alicia!

Why was Alicia selected? Alicia has approached each Module, including this module on supervised classification, with critical thinking. Her BLOG includes a concise introduction to the goals of the module - which is essential for the reader to best understand the remainder of the post. In addition, her description includes just the right amount of detail about the process of applying the techniques of supervised classification. This includes the development of spectral signatures, the choice of spectral bands and analysis of the spectral distance file, which identifies pixels "spectral distance", from the signatures - the brighter the pixel the more off it is from the training site. and ultimately the type of supervised classification .Alicia did a great job describing both the techniques she applied as well as the limitations she encountered developing spectral signatures. Alicia does a very good job describing the process for choosing spectral signatures that serve as the "best ft" for training sites that most comprehensively identify the desired level of Land Use Land Cover classifications She also does an excellent job at describing the iterative process of band choice and training site refinement that is crucial to producing more accurate supervised classifications. Her results, which did an admirable job distinguishing urban and roads which is very difficult with the chosen imagery, are presented in a visually compelling map. Overall, Alicia's BLOG posting was very good! Source.
More cartographic vector map data can be found here: Spain Maps Adobe Illustrator, PDF.

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