100+ Adobe Illustrator Tutorials and Resources to Spark Your Design Skills

Like words, images tell stories. And often, they do a better job at getting the message across. That’s because — according to a 3M Corporation study — our brains process images about 60,000 times faster than they handle text1. It’s no wonder then that the planet’s most popular websites are resoundingly visual. On Facebook, for example, people upload 300 million photos each day, while Pinterest has become the fastest growing content sharing network2 that now begins to threaten Google’s image search business3. Even boring statistical data have been getting a radical makeover as they become stunning infographics and data visualizations that truly engage people. In this highly visual landscape4, people with strong design skills and sound aesthetic judgement will thrive in the workplace. Knowing how to use tools like Adobe Illustrator, for example, will be a big plus on your résumé. With technology now enabling different devices to render better quality videos and images, the demand for competent media producers can only shoot further up. If you want to become a graphic artist or a design professional, you can start learning Adobe Illustrator, the default software for hardcore designers. Developed in 1986, Illustrator allows you to create and edit vector graphics, a type of image that will never become pixelated no matter how much and how often it is resized. To start you off on that learning journey, here are more than a hundred of the best Adobe Illustrator tutorials and resources that will help you create awesome infographics, logos, icons, avatars, maps, illustrations, and other images. In terms of scalability, only vector images can claim to be “picture perfect.” Unlike raster- or pixel-based images that are created using software like Photoshop, vector images won’t degrade in quality even when you reduce or enlarge them indefinitely. That means images created via Adobe Illustrator will remain visually crisp regardless of whether they’re displayed on a massive desktop monitor, a tablet, or a smartphone. Now that’s a perfect reason to learn — or to become better at — Illustrator, the standard industry tool for creating vector graphics. Scan the list we’ve curated for you and choose the best deal for your budget, skill level, and availability. Remember, some of the courses we included in the list are free, while many of the paid options are well worth the cost. Start feeding your creativity! Source.

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