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In today's age of Glass Cockpits with Digital Mapping at WAAS GPS Accuracies, I have no idea if there is still a need for Aeronautical Topographical Paper Charts. But I was wondering if there was anything available to the civilian aviation community on a smaller scale than 'Sectionals' at 1:500,000. At the speed and altitudes GA flies at, the greater detail provided by 1:250,000 maps (in terms of topographical and cultural information) could be useful. I know you can purchases 'Terminal' Area Charts that are 1:250,000, but they are limited to High Density Airspace surrounding Class B Airspace. But with a little surfing around, I found a company selling 1:250,000 JOGs for a large portion of Earth's landmass. Mainly used by Military, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency map products come in various scales and have a few features not found on FAA Charts. East View Geospatial sells professionally sourced and customized maps, charts and geospatial data from global sources in all categories: topographic, 3D, DEM, GIS, vector, nautical, aeronautical, geological, scientific, and imagery. Our in-house cartographic production team builds products to exacting standards and creates its own series using a variety of authoritative data to combine and fit any demand. In the Military (at least this used to be true), the Language of Ground Forces and Air Forces coordinating Close Air Support (CAS) was UTM. Source.

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