Ensure that you have the latest version of the free Adobe Reader and follow the installation instructions that come with the software. Open the PDF map you purchased from Digital Vector Maps by double-clicking the PDF file. This will open the map in Adobe Reader. Once your PDF map is open in Adobe Reader, use the 'Snapshot Tool' to select the area of the map that you wish to import into your Microsoft Word document or PowerPoint slide. Click and hold your mouse button, then drag it to select the portion of the digital map that you wish to import into your PowerPoint slide: When you've selected the area of the PDF map that you wish to insert into your PowerPoint slide or Word page, release the mouse button. This will tell Adobe Reader to save the area you selected to the clipboard: Now switch to the PowerPoint slide (or Word document) that you wish to import your PDF map into, and use the Edit >, Paste option to paste the PDF map image into your slide or page: Once the snapshot of your digital PDF map has been inserted into PowerPoint or Word, use the resize and move handles which surround the image to shrink, expand or move the digital map image as needed, and you're all done! Source.

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