This is a CorelDraw! palette for Dutch sedimentation.

This is a CorelDraw! palette for Dutch sedimentation. You can search on color or soiltype. For use with Corel 4 and 5 (tested). I never tested it for 6, but it might work with that as well. Some free GIS software based on Dana Tomlin's original MAP package. It is a grid-cell based system and will handle databases up to several tens of thousands of cells. All of the original map algebra commands are operational. The software, including the source code, several databases, and a workbook are available via anonymous FTP the Bonn Archeological Software Package with details about the program and screenshots. The Bonn Archaeological Software Package (BASP) is a non-commercial, non-profit software project for and by archeologists which has been developed cooperatively since 1973. Change baspwin*.zip to if you have space problems and load each one separately in a separate run of ftp after downloading the previous file to your PC, deleting each previous file after testing for a successful download by decompressing the file. Use pkzip2.04g's pkunzip.exe (shareware from all Simtel mirrors) for safe decompression. TnT-Maps lite, a version of GIS software avalible for free. This software is a complete GIS package including raster, vector, cad and tin formats. It can be used on a Mac, PC or workstation. Lots of info can be obtained from the makers of all this, so here are some adresses of manufacturers of soft- and hardware on the net. For everything you might want to know about map projections, the massive digital bibliography created by John Snyder, about 2500 entries. Source.

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