Q: What kind of graphics can I set in my shop? A: As a Shirtinator Partner you can upload vector and bitmap graphics. They will be printed as motifs with high-quality flex or flock techniques. Q: How many images can I upload my free account? A: All new Shirtinator Partners and / or Partners whose monthly commission is less than £100 can upload up to 5 vector designs free of charge. Partners whose monthly commission is between £100 and £499 can upload up to 20 vector images. Partners whose monthly commission is more than £500 can upload an unlimited number of designs. Fluctuations in monthly revenue may affect the number of uploads available to you as a Partner Shop. It is not possible to upload more images until you reach the next level of monthly commission. A: Vector graphics are generated with graphics programs and are made of mathematically defined characters. The graphics are made of geometric figures rather than pixels which are replaced by a few fixed points and curves between these points. Vector graphics can therefore be increased or reduced in size without a loss of quality. Please note the following: - All design elements, including text, must be converted to curves - Every single object, including ‘objects within objects’, must have a minimum size of 2 mm - The maximum number of colours is four. No blending / colour gradients is possible. - Please do not import photos - No overlapping / intersecting objects. The objects should be fused together via contour lines - Please convert any pixel graphics to the vector format before uploading them. It is not enough to simply save pixel graphics as vector graphics. A: Only you! Once your motif has been reviewed, neither Shirtinator nor other Shirtinator Partners will have access to it. Q: What do abbreviations like ai, cdr, jpg or psd mean? In what way are they relevant to the printing process? A: Please note that the type of printing used for your motif depends on the graphic you upload. The following table will give you an brief overview of the type of printing we use for some of the more popular file formats and graphics programs. A: The maximum possible number of colors for vector graphics that can be printed in flex or flock printing is four colours. Should you use more colors, the uploading is done as a bitmap. A: If you are having problems with uploading your designs, please contact us at partnersupport@shirtinator.com. A: New motifs can be processed within 36 hours, provided that there is a positive printing inspection. When the motif has been approved, we make it available in your customer account and send you an e-mail to this effect. Similarly, we will inform you by e-mail if there are any problems. A: Yes. You must be the sole owner of any design you intend to sell as a Shirtinator partner. This means you have either made the design yourself or you have bought the rights to it. You are responsible for any breaches in copyright, trademark or personality rights. If you want to use a motif which is not yours, you must ask the owner of the motif about using it and then use it only if they explicitly agree in writing. If the owner of the motif refuses, you must not use it. If you are unsure, it is probably best not to use the design. In the case of a legal claim or challenge, Shirtinator will refer all claims to the owner of the partner shop who has uploaded the motif. Unless Shirtinator is responsible for the infrigment, Shirtinator will not be responsible for any demands, claims or actions which are made by a third party in the event of a legal dispute. A: The optimal print settings for your motif will be set by our design team. You can request changes to these settings by sending an e-mail to partnersupport@shirtinator.com, but please note that it is not always possible to change these settings. A: Please go to ‘Motif Administration’ and then select the Creator to which you would like to import your motifs. In the settings of your Creator you can then create your own design category, move your motifs into this category or move them into a new category altogether. A: The motif sequence can be easily changed in the Motif administration of your Creators. Go to the category which your motifs are in, and either click and drag the motifs to your preferred order. You can also disable / enable them by clicking on the traffic light symbols on the bottom left of the motif. If you would like a particular motif to appear in a ‘Top Motif’ category, simply click on the word ‘TOP’ on the top right corner of the motif to move it there. To remove it from the ‘Top’ category, simply click on the word ‘TOP’ again. A: Yes, in the Motif administration of your Creator you can add a new subject category or rename an existing category at any time. Source.

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