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I've created a point on a PostGIS table at POINT(-65.4013118577086 -24.7894029247747) with EPSG:4326 projection. The code for the html file is below (I tried with hosted '/api' version, '/dev' version and packaged version with same results) When the map starts, the point is drawn correctly at the exact coordinates, but once I reach the 5 or 6 zoom level, it jumps around 5 degrees to east. Attached images below If I play with the layercontrol buttons, some times the point is drawn (for some milliseconds) at the right position and then jumps again to the right. I don't know why drawing a point depends (in this particular case) on maxExtents as should depend on the xOffset (this is the tricky var). Testing this on FireFox 4.0.1 and Chrome 11.0.696.65 beta on osx, but could not reproduce the issue using the test html supplied. the maxExtent variable had no effect on the position of the marker, have you any other example that shows this not working? The maxExtent has to be set to the correct maxExtent for Web Mercator maps. See ​http://docs.openlayers.org/library/spherical_mercator.html. And all coordinates have to be provided in the map projection. Source.

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