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Now you've nailed the basics, scroll through our carefully curated collection of the best tutorials for creating a range of different characters. When you've finished your characters, you can give your creations an environment to live in with our pro tutorials for creating landscapes – on the second half of this page. Illustrator and designer Yulia Sokolova walks through how to create a set of flat-style portraits – perfect for social media avatars or to denote different categories on your website, for example Poked Studio founder Jonathan Ball explains how to transform basic geometric shapes into unique, colourful creatures with Illustrator's tools. In this tutorial you'll make a fun and very simple stencil that you can use on a variety of surfaces which includes t-shirts, walls, and canvas bags. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the design will be created in Illustrator. Character can add a recogniseable face to your work. Here, creative duo Peskimo talk through the process of taking your designs from a sketch to vector artwork. With this tutorial, Mary Winkler is going to show you how to build a chibi character from scratch using the Shape Builder Tool (Shift-M), Pen Tool (P), transparent gradients, and more in Illustrator. Learn how to create a cute bunny character in this vector art tutorial. This training uses simple shapes and gradients that are easy to apply to other character illustrations. Check out this simple tutorial, which uses as many basic shapes as possible to achieve a quirky style of illustration, then bring the yeti character to life with a palette of cold colours. Here, you'll look at how to design a character for a video game, in this case a 'beat 'em up'. You'll work from the very first sketch to the final artwork. Want to bring your cartoon characters to life? This easy-to-follow vector art tutorial just how to do it. Illustrator and author Sharon Milne shows you how to create a monochrome portrait from a photograph. Her subject is transgender vlogger and activist Aydian Dowling, and she covers the process from picking the right photo to skin shading and beyond. If you're still suffering from World Cup fever, this might be up your street. In this tutorial, Sergey Kandakov creates a bright illustration with a retro style effect but with a nod to the hosting teams colours, all in Adobe Illustrator. Learn how to create a simple map design in Illustrator with this handy tutorial from self-taught vector artist Andrei Marius. This vector art tutorial shows the intermediate Adobe Illustrator artist how to make a dramatic vector landscape environment. Isometric graphics have become increasingly popular with a lot of artists and designers. Here, Aaron Miller demonstrates how to take the pain out of pixel art. This step-by-step tutorial explains how to create impressionistic, infinitely-scalable vector clouds with Illustrator's Gradient Mesh tool. Follow this Illustrator tutorial through the process of creating your own simple vector scene from scratch. All you need is some inks and some brushes to turn a photograph of a car into a vector illustration. John Kelly of Joke Art talks you through the process. Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Creative Bloq is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site. Source.

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