Information of the database (attribute data) can be retrieved either in tabular form, when clicking on the unit, or as a thematic, coloured map. The procedures are explained in It is possible to link an external document, which refers to a geographical unit, and have a specific document displayed, when clicking on the unit. An ‘external document’ can be a Word document, a graphic file, a In the Project manager window: Select the layer (1, see below) >, Data link (2) >, On-hit (3) >, Tick ‘Make layer hit-able’ (4) >, Document or link (5) >, >, Select folder and file of program (8, see table below for some program examples, others are possible) >, Send parameters: Specify path, data field in parentheses (<,>,) and extension (9, see examples below), all in double quotations) >, OK (10) Project manager >, Data link >, Database >, Choose database >, File type: MDB >, Select folder and file >, Open >, Source.

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