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Sign Makers – Creating signs using vinyl cutters, engraving machines the cutter recognises the Vector. Logo Design – A similar process but using full color vectors. Images can be of two types, raster based and vector based. Raster based or pixel based file formats (.GIF, .TIF, .BMP, .JPG) are made up of pixels. Other than using this image on the web and printing, there’s not really much we can do with it. We can’t even enlarge it, the image pixelates rather badly. Vector images can be scaled to any size, without any loss in quality of the image. They can be easily edited, thus the best choice for a logo or any other line art is a vector based image. We create a vector logo from a raster image. These images are created using Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. The raster image is manually traced, to produce artwork of the highest quality. In order to convert your logo to all the correct formats, our designers first have to convert your logo into a VECTOR based format. This is done by literally tracing the outlines of each shape using a professional VECTOR based drawing program (Corel draw). This is a fairly time consuming process and requires a highly skilled designer. Hopefully, we will have the correct font that it used in your logo and can simply replace the PIXEL based version. If not, we’ll have to trace the font by hand and that will increase production time significantly. The best choice for logos and other line art is an EPS file (Encapsulated Post Script). EPS is a high resolution image stored in the Postscript page description language. The EPS standard enables users to transfer high-resolution graphics images between applications. You can size EPS images without sacrificing image quality. EPS files are typically generated from vector based programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, or CorelDraw. EPS files are fully scalable and are not susceptible to distortion. Also, spot colors are easily specified in vector programs, which comes in handy if your project is not going to be produced in 4-color process. CorelDraw (.cdr) Illustrator (.ai) Freehand MX (.fh#) Flash MX 2004 (.fla) Windows Metafile (.wmf) AutoCad (.dwg) Postscript (.ps) EPS (.eps) SVG (.svg, .svgz) Portable Doc Format (.pdf) Image Transfer Options Upload via our website for individual images or request an ftp account from us for larger batches. Very Important Vectors If you have an image and a looming deadline and you need it vectorized in a rush then get in touch. With a host of different services and time levels available to you. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. Conversion of images and illustrations to vector graphics. You can upload these through the ImageToVector website. Payment is also by the hour. Background removal, image editing and clipping path services. For further information visit our partner site http://www.clipapic.com. Payment is based on image complexity. CAD Conversions 3D Modeling Specialist vector services Flash Animation creation Stock Photos and Images Image photo editing Photoshop and Illusatrator graphics Source.

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