With 'Linear Map', the plasmid is drawn as a bar, with 'Circular Map' as a circle. The graphics are in the Postscript format Illustrator-EPS. The graphics can not be displayed nor edited within the stack, but printing (on a Postscipt-capable printer) is possible, and, of course, editing in Adobe Illustrator. This will be necessary for most plasmids because the labels of neighbouring restriction sites often overlap and have to be reordered manually. Important hint: To keep a definite correlation between stroke and label of each restriction site, the elements are grouped. Ungroup to move the label while leaving the stroke in place (Illustrator can do that for all groups simultaneously with command-a command-u) or for each site separately. In the linear display the plasmid consists of dashes and boxes of different widths, restriction sites are marked by cross-lines with the name (and position, if requested) centered above. EPStoPICT is shareware from Art Age Software. EPStoPICT converts the plasmid EPS files to PICT format, leaving objects as such, so corrections and modifications can be made with, e.g., Canvas or MacDraw. For the best similarity to the EPS graphics, set the resolution to 300 dpi and choose 'Emulate PostScript stroking' in the preferences. Otherwise, some elements can become disaligned and the ends of lines look distorted. If parts of the picture are cut off due to the conversion (which should only happen if the drawing exceeds a DIN A 4 or US Letter page in landscape view), this can be prevented by opening the EPS file with a text editor and deleting the line '%%BoundingBox...' (save as 'Text only' and convert the file with EPStoPICT). To use MS Word for the editing, the file 'EPS/TIFF/PICT' has to be removed from the 'Word 'Commands' folder before starting Word, otherwise, Word will recognize the EPS file as a graphics format and does not display it as text. EPStoPICT-conversion of EPS files produced with version 1.0 of Plasmid-Maker results in only a small segment of the picture, again caused by the '%%BoundingBox...' line. You can easily do the upgrade to version 1.1 yourself: Open the message box in Plasmid-Maker by typing 'Command-M', enter the following line (Copy and Paste) and press return: put '%%BoundingBox:-95 130 690 670' into line 19 of field 'Header' That's all (only the version number remains 1.0). Source.

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