About the Fossil Distribution Plotting System

If you choose OR and enter two fossil names, any site that contains either one or the other fossil will be selected (positive result), and only the sites containing neither one will not be selected (negative result). ATTENTION! Data is stored for about one hour only! This means, that you will be able to plot those data into paleo maps for about one hour after you generated the distribution map. Replot the distribution map if necessary. Note that you get a different job number if you replot your map! Postscript files are in color, and can be printed on any Postscript printer. Some Programs are able to process Postscriptfiles. We have had good experience with Corel Draw Versions 5.0 and later on Computers running Windows (3.11, 95 or NT). Corel Draw allows you to import the files, and store them in vector format. This offers the possibility of completely modifying and reworking the files in the most convenient way, maintaining very high quality. I don't know if there are other programs which allow PS to vector conversion other than Corel Draw. I would be very interested to become to know other possibilities, if someone found any. If you are a Mac User, I'd suggest you use Adobe Illustrator to edit the postscript files. However, many people find Illustrator difficult to use. The only possibility I know to convert the postscript file into a vector format is to try to find somebody with Corel Draw, who can save the imported file in CGM-format. Be sure to use the 'standard' option. In most cases, these files can be opened in Mac Programs such as Canvas or MacDraw as well. For Canvas and many other programs, it may be important to change the filetype with ResEdit or FileBuddy to CGMF. Also - be sure you have loaded the necessary CGM-filter to interpret the file. You can load the filter with Canvas by pressing the space-bar during startup, and selecting the filter in the upcoming menu. You might also want to transform the PS-file to a bitmap using GhostScript. GS offers various output formats, like PCX, TIFF, BMP and others. It's available on the web for most platforms like Unix, Windows, Mac, OS/2, so there shouldn't be a problem to aquire a copy. Just ask one of the www-search-machines. If none of these work for you, try the TIFF-file. This is a 300 dpi black/white LZW-compressed TIFF. Unfortunately not all graphics programs support TIFF compression formats, but an uncompressed picture would be more than 1MB in size, and hard to download (GEOMAR's internet connection so far is not part of the so called data-superhighway). However, this TIFF file was sucessfully loaded with Photoshop, Corel Photopaint and several other applications. Source.

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