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Possible and many of my friends, we can only get the paper topographic maps, have their own scanning, then inside the ArcMap registration. My previous misunderstanding: new to ArcGIS and feeling pretty simple, does not scan, and then load the data in ArcMap Georeferencing registration. GPS data collected in the field is converted by excel to an Access database loaded into ArcMap inside , then the Display Data, the point invested map. ' To Layout view interface Insert Scale bar after very confused, only to find how to insert scale and the original is not on the ah. After careful study, before we know where there are many esoteric knowledge, at any point did not pay attention will go wrong. First to know what is the geographic coordinates and geodetic coordinates and geographic coordinates is spherical coordinates, geodetic coordinate plane coordinates. To note here is that the latitude and longitude is not WGS-84 latitude and longitude on a topographic map, but the latitude and longitude of Beijing 1954 datum. Moreover, the latitude and longitude is not spherical coordinates, but after the high 2770 Lvge projection the plane coordinates. The forum often referred to the WGS-84 conversion to Beijing 1954 is the problem, both conversion involves the map sheet where with the issue of confidentiality point conversion parameters were not disclosed. Understand the above knowledge, began in ArcMap image registration, where it is assumed that we all know the basic steps, so I will just focus on the elaboration of the work. 2 found in ArcCatalog Figure registration is required to define a projection system (note the difference) and projection transformation. Here we use the 1:50000 topographic maps, which is based on the Beijing 1954 coordinate system, 6 degrees of the the high 2770 Lvge projection with. Online can be seen in the topographic map side of the map sheet which is located in indexing with the assumption here is 19. Figure registration defines a projection system, Figure loaded into ArcMap which, open GeoReferencing tools, the direct use of square grid intersections registration. Topographic map read out a point of intersection (19387, 3420), 19387 19 minutes with a number, but also be input, then this should be entered (19387000, 3420000). , Registration can in Lay Properity inside the display unit into degrees, minutes and seconds, so the map is displayed in latitude and longitude format. The latitude and longitude Beijing 1954 datum, the cursor is pointing to the corners of coord tag to confirm with quasi-based accuracy. 4 If you need to accurately displayed on topographic maps GPS data, you will also need a WGS-84 to Beijing 1954 coordinate conversion. Switch is the best, if not, but it does need to go online to check the hand-held GPS receiver conversion parameter estimation this article. (In fact, here I have questions, because the topographic map projection map, as I understand it, is spherical coordinates WGS-84 data projection transformation before it can be used, but check a lot of information are defined data source directly here WGS-84 on it, maybe the ArcGIS point in the cast, you can automatically transform.) Go to Layout view interface, insert a scale, and topographic maps on the scale is very consistent :-), change the display units Kilometer amount of the distance of any point in the topographic map with the measure Tool, tried km grid, very precise. Source.

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