Adobe Acrobat 9 How-To #57: Editing Text and Modifying Attributes &gt, Tips for Tranquil Text Tweaking

This article is adapted from Adobe Acrobat 9 How-Tos: 125 Essential Techniques by Donna L. Baker. Copyright 2009. Used with permission of Pearson Education, Inc. and Adobe Press. To touch up a word or line of text in an Acrobat document, simply use the TouchUp Text tool in Acrobat. Here's how: Figure 1 Use the TouchUp Text tool to make simple changes to the content of a page or to add new text. You can modify properties of new text as well as text already in the document, including the following: Sometimes the touch-up results aren't what you expect—often related to fonts used in the source program. For example, many documents seem to use bold or italic text, but it's just a bold or italic text appearance. In such cases, unless you're using a named font such as Arial Bold or Arial Italic, when you try to touch up text in Acrobat you won't have an exact match for the replacement font, since Acrobat doesn't simulate a bold or italic appearance. In addition to adding text, you can add line breaks. Click the location on the text block where you want it to break, and then right-click (Mac: Control-click) to open the shortcut menu. Click Insert >, Line Break. Then press Enter (Mac: Return) to wrap the text to the next line. You can use the same method to insert other items, including soft hyphens, nonbreaking spaces, and em dashes. Source.

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