Adobe Acrobat Professional Level 1 | Computer classes in Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder Colorado

You may have used different applications to create documents for your own reference. However, you may now be required to share your files electronically by email, over a network, or on the web, so that recipients can view, print, and offer feedback. In this course, you will use Adobe Acrobat to make your information more portable, accessible, and useful to meet the needs of your target audience. Course Objective: You will learn how to navigate the Adobe Acrobat Professional interface and will learn how to create, modify, review and validate PDF documents. Target Student: This course is for individuals with little or no experience using Adobe Acrobat Pro, but who need to create and share PDF files and PDF Portfolios. Training Type: Instructor led, private, one-on-one, student-paced learning model with structured hands-on activities. This class is available for online training! The Digital Workshop is now offering many of our courses online in a webinar-style format. Our classes are always taught by a live instructor as we aim to keep the human element of a traditional classroom alive in an online format. Source.

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