Adobe Gripes — Freehand: the software that wouldn’t die

Until recently the classes used only Adobe Photoshop, but because of inadequate support from the company the department decided to replace that. CC Pricing changes depending on what browser you use when you buy it. Good to know that IE users are being charged the most though. Illustrator’s free transform distort tool resets the bounding box after every operation making it essentially useless. Surely the smart guide to snap to page edge should ALWAYS land on the same value no matter what the zoom level. Finally, when exporting for printing Illustrator puts unnecessary responsibility on the designer to make sure they save their document, then outline the fonts then save as a PDF then undo outlining the fonts to make sure that if they leave the doc open future changes don’t happen to a flattened file. Many designers have a Stockholm Syndrome about this saying you should just be expected to do that but I honestly don’t understand why I have to perform this tedious dance every time I send a file to print and often I have had Junior Designers saving over .ai files with outlined fonts. If they can have a seemingly pointless Save for MS Office menu item why don’t they have a Export for Printers command that automates this and outputs a PDF to an /Exports/ folder leaving the original file completely untouched. When using software like After Effects the document workflow and export workflow are two entirely different processes, I don’t see why in Illustrator they should occupy the same space when and overlap each other. In a perfect world I would hit File >, Export for Printing then get a dialog up with options for outlining fonts etc and where I want the file saved. Then every time I hit the menu option after that it just exports another file on top of the last one with the same settings. Open File >, Change Copy >, Save File >, Outline Fonts >, Save As >, PDF >, PDF Dialog >, Make sure you close the document to discard the font outlining. Source.

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