Adobe Illustrator CC Essentials, A 12 hour Intro Course – Seattle local classes/workshops/seminars –

To register for this class, see more dates, and learn more about us, visit: Illustrator CC Essentials class description This class includes the long-overdue and very welcome features included in the recent releases of Illustrator CC. As always, we'll let you know which features are new and what users did without them in older versions. Used by architects, artists, designers, engineers, and Photoshop divas who need some vector graphics power tools, Illustrator has many parts and many ways of creating. Whether one wants to work in a freeform way or with incredible precision, there are tools and features to please--and we teach them. Learn to utilize Illustrator to design logos, create detailed maps, illustrate products, and much more. Graphic Design Overview Illustrator CC Strategies Creating Skillful Information Graphics Using Illustrator Source.

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