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An Adobe Certified Expert has demonstrated proficiency with one or more Adobe software products. Adobe certification is an industry standard of excellence, and is the absolute best way to communicate proficiency in Adobe software. Photoshop Basic - File types and the Photoshop environment. - Working with image selections. Modifying images. - Adjusting images and image modes. - Hue/Saturation adjustments and levels adjustments.- Re-touching images. - Repairing image defects. - Using the Paint and Eraser tools. - Using Filters. - Creating and modifying layers. - Using Type layers - Adding layer effects. - Preparing finished images for web and print. - Outputting images. Photoshop Advanced module - Fills and overlays. - Filling images areas. - Gradients and patterns. - Layer overlays. - Mask channels. - Layer masks. - Grayscale masks. - Cripping masks. - Creating vector paths, editing vector paths, vector masks, paths for creative imagery. - Creative image effects - Painted effects, Warping effects. - Efficient compositing effects. - Images for video. - Automating tasks - actions, batch processing, customising Photoshop. Photoshop Colour Printing module - Colour management basics. Calibration. - Colour space conversion. - Printing with colour management. - Photographic techniques. Digital photo quality. - Photographic adjustments. - Lens adjustments. Merging images. - RGB images - adjustments, colour correction, measuring colour, automatic adjustments, curves adjustments, hand-touching color, colour replacement. - CMYK separations - prepress settings, creating separations, CMYK image adjustments, sharpening. - Grayscale conversion. - Spot-colour images. - Duotones. Photoshop Web Design module - Web image size and optimisation. - Fine-tuning image quality. Creating transparency. Optimising web images. - Slicing images - full page designs, basic slicing, advanced slicing, exporting web images. - Links and rollover effects. - Image maps. Rollovers. - Colour and size adjustments. - Droplets. - Web Photo galleries. - Data-driven graphics. - Creating Animation, animation output options. - Graphic Designers, Graphic Artists and Web Designers, Photographers and Print specialists. - Those who wish to gain an accredited qualification and become recognised as an Adobe Certified Expert. - Those considering a career in Graphic Design, Web Design, Print or Video. - Existing users of Photoshop who wish to learn advanced Photoshop skills. The Wheel is compliant with the Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland. Source.

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