Have you ever wanted to learn Adobe Photoshop? How about learning to create websites using Photoshop as well as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge Animate? This three-week course will immerse participants into a world of digital design. The course begins in Adobe Illustrator where the importance of vector graphic creation is discovered. Participants then move to Adobe Photoshop where graphics are then optimized and modified for the web. Once participants learn how to create all the pieces, Adobe Muse is introduced and the parts of the puzzle come together to generate a stunning and professional website. As icing on the cake, Adobe Edge Animate allows participants to create web-based animations that can then be placed into their websites. All websites created during the course will be exported into a web-ready HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript format. Participants will come away with a live portfolio website showcasing all their work from the course as well as real-world experience gained through work in freelancer.com. Source.

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