This has almost the same content as in Review mode. The Advanced Editor item changes to Prevent Further Edits with the same functionality as the Finalize tool in the Home ribbon. If you click Review Mode in that ribbon, this menu item becomes Advanced Edit mode and it returns the file from Review mode to Advanced Edit mode. This ribbon has many groups, some might be hidden. Click the blue outward facing arrowheads on the left or right of the ribbon area to see hidden groups The Finalize tool processes all changes made in Advanced edit mode, prevents further advanced edits and returns the PDF to review mode. You are advised to do this if the file is to be distributed, because it removes unwanted elements from the file. Has the same tools as in Review mode. Since PDF body text has become editable, the Cut tool does cut selected text, in contrast to Review mode, where only comment or typewriter text can be cut. This provides word-processor-like tools to change font, size, attributes (bold, italic, underline...), apply bullets or numbering and set indents. Click Styles to open the Styles panel (see below). Undo and redo actions, select items and use a format painter. These tools can be placed in the Quick Access bar (on the left in the Title bar) to make them more accessible. Display the Paragraph dialog box or directly set alignment, borders and shading, line spacing or character spacing (distribution). Click Document Map to open its panel in the Panel area (see below), to see and modify the document structure. Insert links, text boxes, symbols, tables headers, footers and page numbering. Use the Table tool drop-down list to also modify tables already located in the PDF. This ribbon provides similar functionality as comments handling and Markup tools in Review mode, but through a word-processor-like interface tracking and reviewing changes. Styles: This panel lists all paragraph styles found in the document. Create, delete or modify styles. Source.

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