Adventures in GIS: GIS3015 – Week 2 – Cartographic Design with CorelDrawX7

This week's assignment involved exporting a map from ArcGIS and editing it in CorelDraw to make a publishable map for a children's encyclopedia. This sounds fairly simple on the surface, but CorelDraw was new to me and made it an interesting and sometimes frustrating experience. First, I opened the .mxd in ArcGIS and discovered that the data needed to be repaired to point to the proper location. After doing this, I exported the file as an EPS file. This is where it got interesting. I opened the .eps file in CorelDraw began experimenting with the tools and watched several video tutorials to become more familiar with the software. It quickly became apparent how important the Pick tool is as it seems most functions require using it. I began adding text for my title, cities and labels for the images. I used the import tool to bring in images of the Florida State flower, animal, and bird. I used to the line tool to create a vertical line with arrowhead and tail and added a letter N above it to create a north arrow. The line tool also came in handy when creating arrows to point to Tallahasee, Jacksonville, and Miami. I used the find and replace tools to change the color of the counties and cities, replace the red circle of the capital with a red star. The find replace took care of the legend as it replaced the map elements. To make the images a bit more interesting, I drew an ellipse and used the Powerclip tool to clip the images to the ellipse. When I first placed the images and their descriptions, I initially had them align and distributed evenly in a vertical line. I decided that I wanted them to slant and mimmick the angle of the peninsula. I changed this using the object position tools in the top toolbar. A valuable lesson I learned was to keep track of what the active layer was. Additionally, I quickly learned to group elements and move them from layer to layer. The only part of the assignment that I 'failed' at was the export to .jpg from CorelDraw. I followed the instructions which did not describe what settings to use. I tried all of the presets and some custom settings, but it would only create a blank .jpg. I'm fairly certain this was a software issue and not user error as I had no trouble exporting to .pdf, Eventually, I just used an online converter to make the .jpg from the .pdf. Source.

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