AEC FROM THE GROUND UP: CAD and GIS Integration | Cadalyst

Why can't we have the best of both worlds? Why can't we combine CAD's drawing and editing tools with the spatial analysis tools of GIS? That's a question many CAD and GIS users have asked over the years, and fortunately software developers have been listening. Today these developers offer a variety of digital tools intended to make the integration of CAD and GIS easier than ever. A number of CAD and GIS programs have taken the idea of integrating the capabilities of the two technologies seriously. Here's a sampling. Autodesk Technical Evangelist Lynn Allen guides you through a different AutoCAD feature in every edition of her popular 'Circles and Lines' tutorial series. For even more AutoCAD how-to, check out Lynn's quick tips in the Cadalyst Video Gallery. Subscribe to Cadalyst's free Tips & Tools Weekly e-newsletter and we'll notify you every time a new video tip is published. All exclusively from Cadalyst! Follow Lynn on Twitter Source.

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