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Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. I can export and open a PDF and manipulate the vector objects just fine in CorelDRAW but I get no layers, no named objects, just a huge amount of curves. I just tried this and I don't get the critical error, but I also don't get anything imported. The .ai file is about 1.5M (5x the size of the pdf export), but when I try to import it into CorelDraw, the bounding box displays as 0,0 and hence I get nothing in my drawing. I am not surprised. PDF export never worked either. I will just go back to exporting to Tiff rather then trying to export anything vector without errors out of ArcGIS. I wonder what other cartographers do to get a complex map ready for professional press... Layer by layer i suppose then piece it together in the most tedious ways. I should add to my original post that only simple PDF exported out of ArcGIS will open in CirelDRAW as vector editable. Complex PDF with high resolution background raster layers will not. But, this is nothing new... For what it's worth, I later tried exporting to SVG. It worked in the sense that when I imported into CorelDraw, I got the map. The problem is that when I tried to get to the individual elements, I found that the export has a very complex structure, consisting of groups and clips ('Power Lens' in Corel-speak). I kept ungrouping and extracting lens contents, but couldn't seem to find the bottom of the stack. Maybe it was just too late at night. Your experience may be different. Source.

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