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Use import in corel draw. If that does not work, open in .ai and save down to something like .ai8 so corel can understand the file adn that will strip up reliance on the newer plugins. I need to supply a .cdr file to a client who works on a PC using CorelDraw-V9 to run a laser cutter, which is running CorelDraw-V13. (not sure why she has 2 different versions running). I think the client is slightly less computer savvy than myself, so I may be in trouble here. For older veersions of Corel, AI files tend to be less problematic than EPS files where points for cutting/engraving paths are concerned. I'm not sure about Corel 9, but Corel 13 can certainly open AI-10 or CS files, and maybe even CS2. Export from Illustrator as .WMF (Windows Meta File). Use CorelDraw to import the the .WMF with everything intact except filters. Source.

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