I attached my Samsung Galaxy S2 on the landing gear of my e-sky Big Lama RC helicopter. On the top-right of the main video, I have included a picture-in-picture video taken from the phone during the same flight (& crash...). The Android phone weights 188g (with its protection cover). Very heavy for an RC helicopter ! My heliport and other videos can be watched here on DailyMotion. We have recently connected my original Commodore 64 to our new Samsung 40 inches HD-Ready flat TV. Read the whole story here. I modified a map of Jussieu designed by the RATP : I have added some new buildings (31-41, gymnasium, Maison de la peacute,eacute,dagogie), the building numbers, etc. I designed these flyers with the help of Agnès Lefranc, for the Eliane & Isa Show, using Adobe Photoshop. Note that the third result is important for engineers : it allows to apply the first two results to real phenomena analysis. Electronic design: driving a 60A relay with a micro-controllerUse this device to drive a 60 Ampere relay in order to power on/off dozens of computers at once. 'new_station' patch for hostapdImprove 802.1X authentication on wired IEEE 802 media, with this patch for hostapd. usbdrive.exeCopy, manipulate and erase raw data on your usb flash drive. Essential to really get privacy with your files. Hidden VNC serverThis patch for WinVNC 4 allows you to install a hidden VNC server : no more tray icon. Raccorder son réseau d'entreprise à l'InternetA free book about networks. First published by Eyrolles in 1997, and under terms of Creative Commons in 2006.© A. Fenyo - F. Le Guern - S. Tardieu IP phone to analog phone interface circuitAt work, people usually do not get an analog phone line anymore since numeric or IP phones appeared. See how to connect your old analog device (modem, wireless DECT phone, Minitel) only using your IP phone to get the network access: read this. Very low cost 20MHz signal generator for ham radio HF power amplifiers testingLearn how to make a 20MHz HF signal generator using a few simple discrete analog components. Moreover, see how a 33 years old Tektronix oscilloscope gives better results than a numeric one bought recently. The whole story is here. Split tunneling with CiscoEnabling split tunneling with Cisco IPsec VPN Linux client software is always possible: read this. Modelling IEEE Spanning Tree protocols using an UML Class DiagramTo really understand the dependencies between the many Spanning Tree protocols, I wrote an UML class diagram describing their relationships here. Motorized camera controlled by the telephoneThis project demonstrates how to drive a camera from the telephone line, any details here. My Former Web SiteSince 04/26/01, I maintain a web site named www.fenyo.net. Since I made many updates recently, click here to access the original content, where old informations are kept. The photo is also from 2001 :-) Agnes' Web SiteAgnes, my wife, maintains a web server where you will find plenty of original resources : free software from her own production, probability courses, exams' corrections, photos of her trips in the US... Do not hesitate to visit her site, she will be glad to see her access.log growing ! Canardou's Web SiteCanardou has always been for me a friend that really matters, helping me in every situation. According to informations currently available, Canardou could be affected by the H5N1 virus. So, for a few weeks, Public Health Bird Regulations have made me forbid Canardou to walk away from our appartement. Feel free to take news about him from his personal home page. Mail for nutsAuthorized users at domain fenyo.net can read/send mails by means of this cute Squirrel (a friend of Canardou ?). Contact me on Orkut, LinkedIn or by email | © 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Alexandre Fenyo | Web template design by: Solucija Source.

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