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FACT: PDF files will preserve a vector's qualities. So if you have a .pdf it could be vector! Not sure about what format your file is or where it came from? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you need help with your artwork, send an email to or call us at 480.731.3144. There are thousands of different fonts in existence and each one has its own unique flavor. A font can speak volumes about the business, club, or individual it represents. That's why we take fonts very seriously and choose each one with care. When you come to us with your artwork we often run into the problem that comes with copyrighted fonts. If a font is copyrighted, Illustrator will not preserve that font. This means that we may see a font like the image on the right (see below) when in reality your artwork looks like the image on the left. Want to learn more? We have a page that takes you through step by step how to outline your work and save your file in vector format. Click Here Vector Artwork is Preferred! Vector Files (which are often .ai or .eps file types) allow our artists to work faster and more efficiently to get you your design for printing. Outlining your Fonts! By outlining your fonts you ensure our artists get your design exactly as it should be. Otherwise the computer substitutes the font and you never know what will show up! For instructions about how to outline your fonts click here. Providing the best service in custom and corporate apparel, t-shirts and promotional products since 1985. Source.

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