ArcGIS 10 – ArcMap – Projection and Coordinate Systems – The Best VideoChannel

This video show you how to escape for the Mercator Projection and use the right projection in your maps. You simply do this by harnessing the power of the 'project on the fly' engine that allows you to change the display projection of your map without having to change the projection of your geographic information. Remember that it is import to use the right projection for the geographic space you are trying to represented. How to use arcgis arcmap application to transform the coordinate system This Demo to convert from geographic WGS84 to UTM zone 38 - Ain el adb 1970 Copying an existing projection and then modifying it to set a suitable central meridian and appropriate standard parallels Learn more about this topic at: التعامل مع مساقط الخرائط ونطم الاحداثيات الجغرافية Many times, datasets do not spatially align properly. This problem can be caused by missing or incorrect coordinate system metadata. You must get the data to align properly to make it usable for display and analysis. In this seminar, the presenter discusses geographic and projected coordinate systems, how to determine the coordinate system for a dataset, and how to apply a geographic (datum) transformation. This is the part of Lecture series from SabberFoundation. Lectured by Md. Sabber Ahamed, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. In Facebook : Source.

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