ArcGIS 9.x ArcToolbox Batch Project Tool and Projection Par…

This example shows projecting shapefiles from NAD 27 UTM Arizona Zone 12 to NAD83 HARN(HPGN) State Plane, AZ Central Zone, International Feet. It uses the ArcGIS 9.0 (Service Pack 2) Batch Project tool. The source shapefile(s) must have a proper .prj file as described under 'Projection files' at Using ArcGIS ArcToolboxProject and Projection Parameters The Batch Project tool can handle one or more source shapefiles as input. While a single shapefile could be done with the 'Project' tool, we find it easier to use the Batch Project tool in all cases for consistency. The output shapefiles names will have '_shp' appended to them. For example, fz.shp is name fx_shp.shp after projecting. You'll probably want to rename the output shapefile. 33 N. Stone Ave., 15th Fl. Mail-Stop Code DTBAB17-425 Tucson, AZ 85701 Phone: (520) 724-6670 Fax: (520) 791-6588 Source.

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