ArcGIS Desktop Professional 10.0 Certification

Esri Certified ArcGIS Desktop Professionals are capable of successfully performing skills required of Esri Certified ArcGIS Desktop Associates, and can also utilize a broader range of ArcGIS tools and functionality to define and successfully complete complex GIS projects. A qualified candidate for the Esri ArcGIS Desktop Professional Certification is capable of performing all tasks required of an Esri Certified ArcGIS Desktop Associate. The candidate is also capable of applying GIS concepts and knowledge to define a project and establish work flows, processes, and methods in ArcGIS, to troubleshoot and problem solve non-routine issues, and to determine and apply the most appropriate ArcGIS Desktop functionality to accomplish the project objectives. The following list of skills measured is provided to familiarize candidates with topics covered on the exam and to help guide exam preparation. We recommend candidates review this list and assess their knowledge of each skill. Specific preparation resources are available to assist with refreshing in areas where any knowledge gaps are found. The following training resources are available to help you prepare for your exam, but they are not required. Keep in mind, completing recommended training courses does not guarantee that you will achieve the requirements for a specific Esri Technical Certification. ArcGIS Desktop Professional candidates may benefit from recommended training resources for the ArcGIS Desktop Associate certification. Source.

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