Arcgis .NET Runtime WFS layer from Geoserver

does Arcgis .net runtime include any classes to load data from WFS and display it as a layer? I have been reading documentation and cannot find any WFS support. FeatureLayer seems to work only with arcgis servers. My current solution: Request Geoserver ->, parse gml ->, display it as GraphisLayer filled with SimpleMarkerSymbol. I dont think its optimal, is there any better way of doing this? I'm working on a map that uses FeatureLayer.Mode_ONDEMAND. To see certain layer, I pass in a project ID using featureLayer.setDefinitionExpression. Where such layer exists, I see it. What I want to know is how to detect when no layer exists. I want to print an alert to the viewer instead of showing just a blank map. Here's my code: What I learned is when the project is valid, will return an array. But I'm unable to treat it like an array. For example: console.log( returns an array object but console.log([0]) returns 'undefined'. featureLayer.graphic.length also doesn't work. How do I use this array object to let me know that a layer is displayed on the map? I have maps and shape files saved on a network folder. When I try to update the data source for my layers, the 'Set Data Source' file menu does not seem to provide access to my network folder. I have a shortcut for the folder (and ArcMap 9.3) on my desktop -- I can access my desktop in the menu --, but the network folder shortcut just doesn't show up in the 'Set Data Source' menu. Is there a way I can access files on a network folder? I have a simple web mapping app that tries to add points to a map via a WFS-T layer with openlayers 3. For the backend I'm using geoserver v2.8.0 and a postGIS database. I've been following the great tutorial from dbauszus and I've already read this question on stack overflow, which is pointing me into the right direction but I m still missing some point. It's kind of strange because when i add a point to the map it get's transferred into the postGIS db, a ID is set and the attribute 'test' is set but the geometry column is empty. I'm assuming something with my transferred xml is not right but i can't figure out what. Ahh don't know if it helps but CORS is enabled on my geoserver and i'm running the html site on a local web server. I am trying to display two layers using Openlayers 3, one is a map of Greenland, and the other one is an area of interest. Both layers are tiled. It seems to be working, but all I get are transparent tiles, so somehow I am placing the view in an area where there is nothing. I am using a UTM 24 N projection (which is the original projection of the layers involved, so no transformation is needed). In earlier version of OL2 it was possible to have WFSV (Web Feature Service with Versioning Support). I am trying to use OL3 for loading a vector layer from a geoserver using the following JavaScript code. I tried to follow the openlayers WFS example using ajax for loading the features in the vector source, but it is not working. Additionally, I am wondering if there is a simpler solution for loading a vector layer from a geoserver WFS, something without AJAX. the ol2 seems to be more straight forward. I currently have a dataset in a postgis database that contains trailing whitespaces for certain columns e.g. TOWNSHIP. In the above GetFeature request, the WFS is trying to match by TOWNSHIP where the value is 'Town '. There are records in the database with the value 'Town '. Source.

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