I've informed my organization about the possibility of developing downloadable maps that the users of our properties could get from our website. These maps would contain property boundaries, trails, geocache locations, POIs, etc. The problem is, I can't for the life of me get through this custom map making process. When I try, I don't hit just one problem, I seem to hit multiple problems. I've got ArcGIS 9.3, cgpsmapper, GPSMapEdit, MapSource, GPSBabel, DNRGarmin, OziExplorer, and probably several other linked programs from the tutorials. Or maybe that's my problem. Maybe there are so many small little details that need to be changed that I'm messing up just one piece of a larger puzzle. I'm working on the clock and skimming the tutorials, which could be error-prone. Assuming you mean vector maps, between ArcGIS, GPSMapEdit, and cgpsmapper you should be able to do just about anything you need to, but since Global Mapper exports to direct to MP, that would help (but it's not cheap). Export your map components from ArcGIS as shapefiles, and import them into GPSMapEdit. Use GPSMapEdit to write your MP file. My organization has many properties of varying sizes. For our uses, it would be nice to grab a GPS unit with a basemap of all the trails, property boundaries, and POIs across the county. We don't need roads, but it'd be nice. We don't need anything outside of the county (because the units never leave it). It is the most user-friendly tool for making Garmin vector maps. It should be able to import .gpx and .shp files from ArcGIS and turn them into maps pretty easily, and the user-defined styles feature will let you customize their appearance. It can also show a pretty accurate representation of what the map will look like on the 60csx. It is an all-in-on solution that doesn't require cgpsmapper to compile the .img file. The free download is fully functional on the computer, but it will not send a complete file to your GPS unless you purchase a license. I am selecting the maps correctly because when I use the NETopo100 maps I can put them on the GPS without issue. There is no problem in the MapSource to GPS transfer. Considering that when I load both the working NETopo100 and my attempt at a map within GPSMapEdit and they don't line up, I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong in GPSMapEdit. Even though both coordinate systems appear to be the same. 1) Do you see your map on the list when you go to the map page and press 'Menu'| <,up or down area to select>,'Setup map''Enter'|'Menu'? Have you tried sending only your map to the GPSr to see if it is viewable by itself? One at a time if you have more than one. Pheller may want to back up the gmapsupp.IMG from his GPSr, because whatever he as on it now will be wiped by the single map. It was a grasp at isolating the problem. Strange happenings. Another thought was that the OP might need to make a change in mapsettoolkit as to how the map is viewed as to draw priority. Will see what shows up. I also discovered that my .shp files are saved in NAD 1983 Projections, and I assume in coordinate system of lat/long...however...when I make these changes in GPSMapEdit, I can't view my .shp files. Source.

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