ArcMap C# drawing polylines in selected layer –

This is function to draw polylines. But I want that polylines will be automatically storing in 'Lines' layer, that is possible ? If you want your layer to be a featurelayer rather than a graphics layer, then create a featureclass in a workspace, and add your line object to it like this (sorry it's in To compare two latlngs use L.LatLng.equals: To get latlngs from polyline use L.Polyline.getLatLngs: Now you can get your point in polyline and remove it using L.Polyline.spliceLatLngs: or add using L.Polyline.addLatLng: or set using L.Polyline.setLatLngs: If you have the url for the map service, you can open the rest endpoint for the service in a web browser and view the layers in the map service. Source.

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Last Modified: April 23, 2016 @ 9:01 pm