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We aim to promote rail travel in Australia by providing an integrated and easily accessible source of information spanning all rail operators. The site was first developed in 1996, and has been maintained and updated continuously since. We are fully independent and are not affiliated with any transport operator. Australian Rail Maps (ABN 18 607 855 177) offers map development services for rail and other public transport modes. All maps on this website are copyright Australian Rail Maps. The maps on this web site may be used for non-commercial purposes. Unlike other transport modes such as road and air, rail travel is highly fragmented across the nation. There are numerous operators, each with their own fare and ticketing systems, booking agents, web sites, technical and other practices. For the average consumer it can be a mysterious and daunting task merely to travel by train outside his or her own region. When travelling by car or air no such problems arise because providers realise that familiarity of access is a key attraction, we have standard road rules, traffic management, navigation aids, consistent boarding, ticketing and airport procedures nationally and internationally. So why is it such a drama to get a national view of rail and bus travel? This website aims to redress this problem, by at least providing a single nationally consistent and complete source of information on rail and bus travel in Australia. All passenger train routes are illustrated, and all passenger stations are shown in a consistent way so that whether you are looking for a trans-continental train or a suburban tram you can be sure its here in a form you will recognise. A colourful site entirely about rail in Australia. The home page features a large map of Australia with links to the greater detail of train services nationally and in major cities. The site directs you to the main rail provider in the State you are interested in and provides links to useful sites with information about each capital city. Excellent interactive map displaying metropolitan, rural and interstate railways throughout Australia, along with tram/light rail systems, and selected ferry/catamaran services. Includes regional rail news updates and fares and ticketing information. Excellent site covering the whole country, showing passenger trains, suburban and intercity, ferries, airport shuttles, tourist railways etc, with frequencies, some timetable information and much more. Check out the Melbourne city map for its veritable cornucopia of information. Beats the London Tube map hands down. One of my favourite sites, and frequently updated. This super-helpful and informative hub appears to be the work of a rail transport enthusiast who has put together details of every local and national train service around the country. It's very easy to explore with point and click navigation that provides regional overviews or more localised information. So you'll have no trouble finding what you're looking for - be it suburban services in Adelaide or the twice-weekly rattler in the Gulf of Carpentaria. we are not affiliated in any way with any transport operator and are not an agent of any operator. We are not a licenced travel agency and we do not book travel. We suggest that you direct all enquiries to the operators. We provide links to web sites and telephone numbers of all operators from our timetable pages. If you are unable to get answers to enquiries from the service operators of those services we would like to try to help by answering your email personally. Due to the volume of enquiries we cannot guarantee a response. Would you like a printed version of our map? Through our partners at you can buy our maps as posters, prints, ipad covers and even t-shirts. All works are professionally manufactured and home delivered to you. Source.

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