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We are considering purchasing CorelDraw primarily to improve our graphics capabilities, but we also hope to use it to enhance our AutoCAD and ArcGIS output. The questions are: 2. How compatible are the Corel files with client and teaming partners that you share information with? Are you able to send and receive files via email or do they need to be uploaded on an FTP site? 3. Are the file sizes manageable (i.e. are we going to need additional storage to support both CAD and Corel-enhanced drawings? You can save CorelDRAW (vector) files as dwg and dxf files into CAD and as PNG/JPEG/WMF/EMF/TIF/EPS files to import in Word.Going from Word to CorelDRAW is slightly different but no more than with e.g. Adobe Illustrator. Depending on the content a copy/paste may be all you need, or you may prefere to create a PDF file and then open the PDF file in CorelDRAW for further editing. The inner workings of dwg based CAD software and illustration software such as CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator are different in some ways so you may need to 'repair' items sometimes, or some things may not convert properly at all or in a way you don't want. Generally speaking I have found CorelDRAW to have a better compatibility with AutoCAD files than Adobe Illustrator. I'm using CorelDRAW myself to enhance CAD output in publications. CAD output still does not match the quality of illustration software in file formats other than PDF files. And even with PDF files CorelDRAW etc. is still better. Source.

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