Colour maps: Arable Lands, Countries, Land Cover, Major Drainage Basins, Pasture Lands, Population Density, Wetlands This section of the Baltic Sea Region GIS, Maps and Statistical Database is the most popular. Here we offer ready-made (digital) maps that can be inserted into reports, essays etc., or printed out on overhead transparencies, as intially intended. This last purpose was also the reason why we separated the thematical colour maps from the cartographical base maps in black & white. Each map is offered in four common graphical formats: GIF (directly viewable), PDF, TIF and Adobe EPS. Files of the two latter formats are ZIPped. Please refer to the General Comments section at the bottom of this page for additional information about files. Also note that there are some maps on the related data page. These maps were created in the summer of 2000 as a new edition of the older maps that have been available here, displaying the same information. The older maps are still available (next section) of this page. Source.

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