Beginners Corel Paint Shop Pro 10 Tutorial | PSP Video Training via DVD, Download and Online

Working with Files Opening Files Creating New Files Scanning Documents and Images Resizing Documents and the Canvas Accessing Image Information Closing and Saving Files Working with Palettes The Brush Variance Palette The Histogram Palette The History Palette The Layers Palette The Learning Center The Materials Palette The Mixer Palette The Overview Palette The Browser Palette Other Palettes Using the Tools Pan and Zoom Pick and Move Selection Tools Dropper Crop Straighten and Correction Tools Red Eye Makeover Restoration Tools Brush Tools Retouching Tools Eraser Background Eraser Flood Fill Picture Tube Text Shape Tools Pen Warp Tools Medium Tools Painting and Drawing Using Guides / Grids and Rulers Drawing Lines / Curves and Shapes Modifying Vector Objects Aligning and Distributing Objects Photo Retouching Removing Noise Tone / Color and Fade Corrections Fixing Scratches and Tears Removing Writing Removing Objects Restoring Missing Pieces Creating Web Graphics Creating Web Graphics Optimizing Web Graphics Using the Image Mapper Using the Image Slicer Creating Rollovers Customizing Paint Shop Pro X Customizing Paint Shop Pro Changing Preferences Creating Your Own Workspace Source.

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