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Additional to the map I created a new stratigraphic column of the area. For such kind of work I like to use Corel Draw while others prefer Adobe Illustrator. Both programms are used to create vector based graphics. The advantage of vector graphics over raster graphics (graphics you create in Paint and similar software) is that you can use the same image at any size without losing any clarity of your image. This is especially helpful if you are planing on actually printing the graphics. Here is the result: A very interesting first blog post! For someone that is only 7 months in to their project you’ve already done more than most first years, and seem to be boasting loads of new skills in loads of really useful software packages… Keep it up! I love old maps. Particularly when they’re married with new tech, such as the georeferenced historic Ordnance Survey maps available on the National Libraries of Scotland site: Unfortunately, my ArcGIS skills are being honed on North Sea field locations, which is hardly exciting mapping! Source.

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