Bending Lines and Shapes with Paths and Points | SketchUp Knowledge Base

In LayOut, you can bend lines and shapes — no telekinetic powers required! All you need is LayOut’s path editor. Okay, that might be a tiny fib. You need the path editor and a little knowledge about editing vector graphics and Bézier curves. After you know the tricks, however, bending lines and shapes is easy, and this article explains all the basics to help you get started. You can use LayOut’s path editor to bend almost any line or shape — almost because you need to draw lines in a special way in order to shape them with the path editor. Also, if you want to edit an ellipse, a rectangle, or a polygon, you need to split the shape first. If you have a circle, any arc, or a line drawn with the Freehand tool, you can jump right to editing its path in the path editor. In the following sections, you discover all the secrets to bending lines and shapes to your will. Don’t worry: You don’t have to control your energy fields — just your computer’s mouse. If you’re not familiar with editing vector graphics and Bézier curves, you’ll find the following background information helpful: To draw a basic line with the Line tool, you click to create a starting point and then click or double-click to create an editing point. To draw a line that’s a path you can bend with points and curvature controls, you follow these steps instead: To edit the path of any rectangle, an ellipse, or a polygon, you need to split the shape before you can open its path in the path editor. To split any of these shapes, select the Split tool () and click anywhere on the shape’s outline. Now, you can switch to the Select tool () and double-click the shape to open it in the path editor. To edit a path, you start by double-clicking the path with the Select tool (), which opens the path in LayOut’s path editor. Then, with the path editor open, you can make the following edits: Source.

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Last Modified: April 24, 2016 @ 10:04 pm