BETA 2.0.9.v – error in vector map display [Archive] – TwoNav Forum

The new 2.1 RC1 doesn't solve the bug. As one can see there's again the same problem with painting a VMAP combined with a raster map: Could be a multithreading issue of the scrolling and painting routines - one can clearly see that there is an area where there was no VMAP drawn (the bright vertical line starting at the top of the map). I think these problems with Vmap visualization when far zoom and raster map in background are quite complicated to solve. Anyway, I will report them to try to improve in future. I guess the raster map is anyhow determining the projection which is getting used. It's much easier to transform a vector map on the fly than a raster map. The Top10 BW raster map which was exported by TTQV uses Transversal Mercator / WGS84 with 9 calibration points while the DACH vector map uses Mercator / WGS 84. should do the trick . . .You are perfectly right and if I would have followed your instructions more carefully it would have solved my problem already earlier. My mistake was that I thought that putting a map into foreground would be the same like activating it at last. This is clearly not the case as I found out now. So thanks a lot to you - at least there is a workaround now. Still I think Compe should fix that bug in 2.1 as activating vector maps only as the last map is a bit cumbersome. Source.

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