Some bitmap graphics applications are used specifically for editing images, some specifically for creating bitmaps and others are combination of both, eg Adobe Photoshop. Bitmap graphics software applications are known by several names such as raster graphics editors,image editors and paint packages. Editors allow for the editing and manipulation of individual pixels in a bitmap graphic. Most bitmap graphics software applications can also be used to create meta graphics. Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard image editing and bitmap creation package for professional developers and designers. Photoshop is used to create formats for both print and screen design. More recent versions include the 'Save for Web' option which allows users to compare the results of saving different formats, compressed file sizes download times on different internet connections. A wide range of file formats are available to save graphics. CMYK, RGB, Greyscale, and indexed colour models are available. Various filters and effects can be used to enhance bitmaps. In addition, there are a variety of 'painting' tools for image editing and correction, eg clone tool, paint brush, histogram, colour balance, selection tools and even drawing tools, eg pen tool. Photoshop has been the industry leader for graphics applications since it was introduced in 1990, probably because it was one of the first bitmap graphics software applications with a wide range of features. At the time of writing the current version is CS3 (Creative Suite 3). Previous versions include 1-7, CS, CS2, and CS3. Photoshop now comes with 'Image Ready', a package used to edit images for the web. Corel Paint Shop Pro (PSP) is an image editor and graphics creation package aimed at the professional market. It has a lot of similar features to Photoshop, making it one of Photoshop's main competitors and it is much cheaper. Corel Painter is used to create bitmaps. It is a paint package in the truest sense as it creates natural-looking artistic images. Unlike Photoshop, it isn't used to edit photographs. For the best results users should used a graphics tablet when working with Painter, as opposed to working with a mouse. A wide range of filters and effects, including paint effects, eg watercolours and oil paints, are available. The final graphics can then be printed not only on paper but other media such as canvas. Adobe Fireworks (formerly Macromedia) is a combination of an image editor, bitmap creation and vector drawing package. This was originally developed for web developers and designers, to take away the need to have a separate vector package and bitmap package. Fireworks has the common tools and features of both types of application. More recent versions have seen an improvement in the amount of filters and effects available, however Photoshop still offers a wider selection. It was one of the first applications to support the PNG (Portable Network Graphic) format. Source.

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