blog semua pengetahuan: Creating 3D map with Corel Draw

Sometimes printing companies offer it in a package, including invitations, thank-you cards, location maps, plastic, souvenirs, guest book, etc. In this tutorial, will be made in Corel X3 3D maps, tools used include pen tool, a text tool, Rectangle tool, while the facilities used is weld and add perspective. 1. The first step should always be done before making a picture is set drawing area, here are made in sizes 90 x 145 mm, make the box as a guideline. 2. Select the pen tool, create a flow path by clicking the first to determine the starting point and drag the mouse to the desired direction and click to determine the end point, wherein the first and second point of a line connecting them. 3. When finished, select Edit>, Select All (Ctr A) press F12 to set the property line, put the line thickness = 11 pt. 6. Select the end of the handle, so the cursor will change to a plus sign (+), click - hold - drag handle to create perspective. 8. To make the image of the building, use the Rectangle tool, create a rectangular object, give color, change the last quadrilateral into 3D, Extrude Interactive click, hold and drag the image click on the line so as to form a 3D object, adjust the perspective that we make. Source.

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