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The purpos of the course “Computer Graphics II - Adobe“ is to make students familiar with making of 2D graphics design for the printed, electronical and multimedial graphics. The classes serve the purpose of intensifying of work with both vectorial and bitmap files in the platforms: Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and gain fundamentals in Adobe Indesign. The acquired knowledge will be also used for a defence of semestral design projects by multimedial presentations. The course follows to previous courses of both computer graphics and modelling, and extends feasibility of the created presentations and producing the new ideas in 2D graphics. The course complements the study courses 'Computer Graphic I - CorelDraw/Adobe', 'Computer Modelling - Rhinoceros 3D' and 'Computer Visualization and Animation 1' (in B-PDS studies). The elements of work with 2D/3D graphic and knowledge of working with CorelDraw, Adobe and Rhinoceros 3D are supposed. These classes serve the purpose of intensifying knowledge of work with both the vectorial (Adobe Illustrator) and the bitmaps (Adobe Photoshop) files. Creation of multipages' documents and printed matters (Adobe InDesign). Course includes work with stroke, layers, masks, transformations, selections, covers etc. 2D graphics in the Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop platforms. The course has been upgraded with the support of the OPVK project. 'The Studio digital sculpture and new media project', reg. No. CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0278, is co-financed by the European Social Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic. Graded course-unit credit requirements: attendance in lessons, meeting assigned projects deadlines, practical test verifying the knowledge of work with the software and creative work ability. Resulting evaluation consists of evaluations on projects, tasks and a test. In total it will be possible to aquire 100 points. Resulting classification will be defined by the ECTS scale. If some of the projects and test are awarded less than half of the maximum pts., final evaluation of the course is 'failed'. According to the article No. 13 of Study and Examination Rules of Brno University of Technology ECTS evaluation degree scale is used. . If some of the projects are awarded less than 50 pts., final evaluation of the course is 'failed'. The course is evaluated with the following grades: ECTS EVALUATION DEGREES / PTS. RATING / NUMERIC RATING: A / 100 - 90 / 1 / Excellent, B /89 - 80 / 1,5 / Very good, C / 79 - 70 / 2 / Good, D / 69 - 60 / Satisfactory, E / 59 - 50 / Sufficient, F / 49 - 0 / 4 / Failed. The attendance at seminars is controlled. Students have to be present in scheduled hours in the computer laboratory, work on given projects and wait for consultation, unless a lecturer gives other individual plan. The excuse of absence is possible only due serious reasons such as illness. Unexcused absence may jeopardise awarding the graded course-unit credit. 1st Adobe Illustrator 2 - Summary of knowledge - basics of Adobe Illustrator, starting a new project, format, creation of objects, properties and transformations 3rd Adobe Illustrator 2 - the definition of custom color options, brushes, symbols, fill, spray, clipping mask, the mask transparency 4th Adobe Illustrator 2 - advanced transformation tools, transformation with envelopes, using transformation network perspective, smooth transitions between objects 5th Adobe Illustrator 2 - Export, prepress, the concepts of 'fallout', 'Overlay' 'spot color', 'Flattener', 'Font Embedding', 'color profile' using Adobe Acrobat 6th Adobe Photoshop 2 - Summary of knowledge - basics of Adobe Photoshop, starting a new project, working with layers, selections, drawing and basic retouching techniques 10th Adobe InDesign - familiarity with the environment of Adobe InDesign, philosophy of work, starting a new project, the layout of the main tools, files, prepare multi-page document 11th Adobe InDesign - a tool for creating graphical objects, object properties, transformation, text paragraphs, work with embedded graphic objects, cropping 13th Adobe InDesign - creating a list automatically generated text in the anchor text, document preparation for print, export, printing brochures Source.

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